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What is Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)?

With PowerUp, EaaS is the genuine difference to the environment and your rail project.

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True Net-Zero Service

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Zero Loss Or Waste


Off-grid, mobile, portable, personal - power everything with no down-time.


Intelligent - only pay for what you use, and what you-re going to use. 


New-Zero - comply with global and local climate initiatives, with reports.

What Can I Use It For?

Power-up anything electrical on site, and more.

Power tools in action

Power Tools

The PowerStation enables 110v & 240v tool requirements.

Men working with lighting


Our PowerStation provides power for nay temporary or emergency lighting needs.

EV Charging

The PowerStation adds up to 30 miles to an EV from fully charged.

Welfare Cabins

The PowerStation can sufficiently power your welfare cabins including toilets, lights and 240v sockets.

"Operationally, I didn’t think that there was a net-zero power solution until I met PowerUp. Using their technology, we are now able to meet or net-zero goals and are to report on them.”

Andy Murray, Operations Manager

Gas Infrastructure, D&G Utilities

Men working with lighting

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