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At PowerUp, we are on a mission to revolutionise how we access on-demand, sustainably generated power across the globe. As we continue our work to make net-zero Energy-as-a-Service available anywhere on the planet at any time, we’re proud to have the support of various champions operating within the sector. 

Discover more about the initiatives we are, and have been, involved in…

Innovate UK Global Incubator, India (Hyderabad) – Urban Systems

February 2024 – September 2024

This secured Incubator provides funded travel, training and in-country support (including office space and support with T-Hub) starting with a virtual session, to be followed up with two arranged intensive market visits to Hyderabad. The strategy for applying for this incubator was based on the assumption that we will have a successful Energy Systems Catapult ITES project that will lead to further routes to market in India. With key links to mobility companies based in Hyderabad already created, targeting Hyderabad for expansion outside of Bangalore is the next logical step for us. A four-stage programme, including preparation workshops, a market visit, incubation and subsequent exploitation of the programme, by securing a place our team will now benefit from working with an Innovate UK EDGE Innovation & Growth specialist who will provide invaluable support throughout.

Collective Places Catapult Clean Futures

January 2024 – April 2024

An accelerator being run by Connected Places Catapult, through this secured place we proposed a trial of our PowerStations, to demonstrate how effective replacing fossil fuel generators in operational companies in the West Midlands could be. The accelerator will also allow the team to carry out further testing, a process which will allow us to make comparisons between the PowerStation and fossil fuel tools and generators. The accelerator will also provide bespoke technical and commercial support as well as networking and showcasing events to connect successful applicants with industry and financial partners, bringing together the wider West Midlands transport community to enhance the region’s capacity for clean technology across all sectors.

Energy Systems Catapult ITES

January 2024 – November 2024

Through this secured bid we will be looking to adapt our PowerStation AI to recognise electric scooter rider behaviours in India, Bangalore. There are over 7 million scooters in Bangalore and there is a push to power them with swappable batteries. Currently, using the accepted ‘swap stations’ method for batteries – similar to Amazon lockers – if all 7 million scooter riders needed batteries then this would mean having to find room for over 10 million batteries. There simply isn’t the room or the grid infrastructure to charge them in the city centre. Our proposal is to move the charging infrastructure to the outskirts of the city and charge the batteries directly from renewable energy. Not only does this make logistical sense but gives us the opportunity to learn the behaviours of each individual scooter rider as well as the routes they use so we can accurately predict when their batteries will run out of charge and where they will be. Our own scooter riders will then swap the battery for the customer, on a ‘just-in-time’ basis. ITES is backed by the UK and Indian Governments, Innovate UK and led by Energy Systems Catapult, in partnership with the renowned Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

University of Lincoln

November 2023 – Current

We have been successful with the University’s application for an Innovation Voucher that will fund 20 days of academic time. We will use this time to develop our harmonic reader hardware to help our intelligent AI software recognise what appliances are being powered by the PowerStation. This successful application will also lead to further collaboration with the University, with Prof. Chris Bingham and Prof. John Howe leading the projects at the University.

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