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Net-Zero Power Station
Anywhere on the planet.

  • Net Zero emissions - lowers carbon emissions as no fuel or flames.

  • Silent running - improved safety as staff can communicate while the generator is 'on'.

  • Improved health benefits - no ore breathing in harmful carcinogenic fumes

  • ~9 month ROI vrs. Diesel Generators (5-8kw)

  • Plug & Play - requires no training or behavioural changes on site for staff.

  • "Battery with a Brain" - AI powered

What is Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)? 

(Coming Soon)


With PowerUp, EaaS is the genuine difference to the environment and your budget.

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Power Delivered Anywhere

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Pay For What You Need

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Accurate Cost Prediction

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True Net-Zero Service

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Zero Loss Or Waste


Off-grid, mobile, portable, personal - power everything with no down-time.


Intelligent - only pay for what you use, and what you-re going to use. 


New-Zero - comply with global and local climate initiatives, with reports.

What Can I Use It For?

Power-up anything electrical on site, and more.

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Electro Fusion

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Power Tools

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What About Reporting & Compliance?

Simple, auditable, compliant reports and accurate predictions.


  • Performance & consumption
  • Real-time reporting & data analysis


  • Real-time swap-out sheduling
  • Intelligent & efficient. Supports the EaaS model.


  • Real-world usage predictions
  • Accurate cost predictability
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Compliance & Reports

Matches CGC Protocol Corporate Accounting & Reporting Standards 1-3

Report on:
  • kWh used time / duration
  • kWh used location
  • kWh used how / powering what
  • Cost
  • Environmental CO2
  • Statutory CO2

Our energy Promise

Our service is our promise.

A True Net-Zero Service

Energy Production

Battery energy is produced at Net-Zero by renewable sources

Energy Delivery

Our delivery method is powered by Net-Zero energy

Energy Schedule

We calculate the energy required for swap-out & transmission

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