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A commitment to the environment, radically different experiences from across industries, and an unrivalled dedication to making net-zero accessible anywhere in the world at any time meet the people behind PowerUp.

How did PowerUp begin?

Cumulative experience in commercialising technology

Born from a curiosity surrounding the commerciality of renewable energy. A simple idea born from a meeting of three minds, all from different backgrounds, PowerUp was aided by an idea of Stuart’s that came to him while he was building his own off-grid home. Matched with an idea of David’s brought about by his years of working within the utilities industry, soon PowerUp transformed into a much bigger entity.

This small but expert team have brought some big ideas to the global table – zero-emission, portable power, driven by intelligent AI that can be utilised anywhere in the world, at any time, so you never have to stop. 

From individual rechargeable and swappable battery units to the PowerStation V2, PowerUp’s solutions deliver:

  • Instant power on-site, globally
  • Zero noise pollution
  • Zero emissions
  • A low-maintenance solution
  • Low running costs
  • Smart software with Bluetooth connectivity
  • A bespoke app and AI predictive software 
  • Key ESG reporting data
  • Real-time remaining power display 
  • Site ready products
  • Cross-industry application

Working to constantly evolve their offering – much like the intelligent AI software that responds to your real-time usage making sure you never run out of power while delivering it in the most efficient and sustainable way possible – you can be sure that there’s much more to come from Stuart, David and Adam. 

David Collinson


With a background in the utilities industry that spans more than two decades, with insights into both an operational as well as IT level, David’s expertise and network have paid dividends during the formative few years of PowerUp. David is unwavering in his belief that PowerUp has the potential to make a massive impact in reducing global emissions, especially across industries which remain unregulated when it comes to their emissions data. No idea is too big in David’s mind – from predicting supply and demand across global grid networks, sending energy back where it is needed and rebalancing the grid using AI to match the distribution so it performs as efficiently as possible.

Stuart Wallis


Passionate about advancing the availability and optimisation of off-grid energy to power industry, while empowering communities around the world to access reliable and clean energy, Stuart was, in fact, the one who had the initial idea for PowerUp. An advocate for the true, untapped capabilities of off-grid, sustainable power, with around four decades of experience in various industries at a senior leadership level. Overseeing operations and human resources, Stuart also uses his skills to support the growth and impact of PowerUp, providing strategic direction and governance.

Adam Wallis


Adam has been at the forefront of PowerUp’s growth from day one. A champion of how PowerUp’s intelligent patent-pending AI technology can be applied across any industry, via any equipment, and in any landscape, Adam’s knowledge of the application potential PowerUp holds is unlimited. With a passion for customer experience and the seamless capabilities of PowerUp’s net-zero solutions – allowing you to continue with no downtime, no stopping and no noise – for Adam it is the intelligent AI programme, which offers real-time updates on power usage, keeping customers and the PowerUp team updated so you don’t have to down tools – that sets this trailblazing EaaS solution apart.

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